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Hello Everyone

Did you know SUNY Purchase, has a study abroad program to china this summer?
Well right now the program needs more students and are still accepting applications from anyone interested, even from other colleges.
You should read over all the cool stuff involve, and wikipedia fudan university and take a look at how beautiful the campus is and you can earn eight credits.

The program is also not as expensive as most programs to china plus for a week before the start of school its will be traveling and site seeing while staying at hotels. 

Courses offered include Chinese Language, history, Calligraphy, Philosophy, Race and Gender, and political science.

BONUS as long as you have a two point gpa and above, a few sentence long recommendation from a prof, you should get accepted right away because they really need people. So Extremly minimal risk of rejection! So whos in? or interested? Please apply right away, today even?

Check it out, apply online!

Fudan University historic gate
Summer Program in Shanghai, China

June 28 - August 4rd, 2008

The Purchase College summer program in China is located in Shanghai, the leading city and center of modernization which has made China a leader in the 21st century. New China can be found in the superb museums, galleries, dramatic skyline, exciting night-life, outstanding libraries, and world-class shopping and dining possibilities.

Shanghai still retains old China as well. Exploring the alleys and smaller byways, students can discover the culture of ancient China still resonant in the bird-and-flower streets, the sidewalk chess games, the tiny stalls, shops and markets, and the rich life of past and present. The program includes a week long tour of locations of historic and cultural significance as well as four weeks of study on a renowned Chinese university campus.
Also. another pic........ Shanghai waterfront

The Bund of Shanghai

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Date:April 7th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
Fordham requires a 3.0 GPA to study abroad, even if the program the student wants to go to has lesser requirements. I'm not sure if that is true even for summer programs, but for academic year programs it is.
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