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Hey everyone, just wanted to say that I am selling math textbooks for WAY cheaper than the Fordham bookstores are. I just graduated from Fordham in May and I have no more need for these. I'm selling them on ebay just to make transaction stuff easier, but if you come pick the book up from me I will refund the 3.99 shipping costs. I'm still at Fordham, but in graduate school for the ethics program so I am around both campuses. Here's my site incase you are interested. I used all these books for Fordham classes and they're all in like new condition. Thanks!

Here's the website: http://myworld.ebay.com/dothewhirlwindx
(ps, all the books are the hardcover US version, not international editions.)

Email System


I have recently enrolled at Fordham as a grad student and am trying to access my student email account. I am logged into the my.fordham.edu portal, however there are no links to student email "on the top right of the portal" as the email redirect page states. Can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!!

Looking for a Place to Live

Hey all,
I'm a senior at SUNY Purchase up in Westchester, but I'm graduating in May. I'm going to Grad school in Manhattan, but I'm still working up here all summer so I'm looking for place to rent or sublet in the Bronx. I don't live down there so I'm having a little trouble finding places. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place or was looking for roomate or had any advice they might to be able to give me. I'm looking to start paying the 1st of May so I'm running out of time (eek!).

Any help you could give would be SUPER appreciated! You can comment here (though I might forget to check it) or email me at beth.scorzato@purchase.edu or find me on Facebook (same name, Beth Scorzato)

Thank you Fordhamians =)


Prospie questions...

I know you guys are probably really tired of these posts, but I have a few questions as a prospective student. I want to attend Fordham at the Lincoln Center campus.

1) What was your financial aid package like? I'm expecting to have to take out tons of loans, and interested to find out how you guys financed your Fordham educations. My family is very low income.

2) What is the Communications and Media Studies program like?

3) If you've already graduated, what are you doing now?

4) What is the neighborhood like?

Thank you for answering my questions. :)

Oh, and if anyone has pictures of the dorms (other than what I've found on the school website) I would love to see them. I'm not expecting to live in a palace and I'm REALLY good at killing roaches, so don't worry.
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some prospective student questions

hey guys!
i'm a high school senior who's been thinking of applying to fordham for about three years now, and my time has finally come to begin applying!
so, i have a few questions that i hope you guys can help me out with.

1. i'm planning on majoring in communications and media studies (radio/television concentration) and i was wondering if there was a theatre management minor? i was looking on the theatre part of the LC website but couldn't find anything besides acting and directing.

2. if it's not too personal, what did y'all write about for your college application essays?
i'm obviously not looking to steal any ideas, i'm just curious about what type of essays they seem to go for.


Quick question!

I transferred out of Fordham a couple years ago and some of my transfer credits are pending. The school I am at now says that they need a copy of the syllabus in order to evaluate the two courses. They are regular freshman courses. My question is, does anyone possibly have a copy of a syllabus for either of these two courses? It doesn't have to be the same time I took it because the courses don't really change much. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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